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Five signs you may be an emotional spender

ave you ever paused for a moment to think about your spending habits? Have you noticed any patterns or anything you would like to change so you can improve your financial situation?

Surprisingly, shopping is more than just entering a store or adding something to your online cart. The thing about spending habits is, that many of us use emotions to dictate how much we shop.

It sounds a bit crazy that our emotional state often pushes us to spend money that we don’t intend to spend but it happens.These are the signs to look out for in case you’re concerned that your emotions might be manipulating your wallet:

  • Stress is a big motivator

Emotional spending is connected to different seasons including periods of stress. You might notice that you’re always quick to order some food when something you hoped for doesn’t work out or when you’ve had a tough day.

If you spot that you get this sudden need to spend money whenever you’re not okay, you might be an emotional spender.

  • You easily treat yourself

Emotional spending can also be connected with happy emotions. Most people expect that you will be motivated to spend when you’re having a rough time and that’s exactly why this side of emotional spending is sneaky.

Yes, there are times when you should celebrate yourself but this is different from getting an excuse to go overboard. If something as simple as a good day is pushing you to buy something you don’t really need at the time, it’s a sign.

  • You are motivated by what others have

There are also those moments when we don’t realize we’re buying something just to fit in with others. Humans naturally want to belong and this also manifests itself in our spending habits to some extent.

This can happen when you want something you’ve seen on social media or when you suddenly have the urge to get something all your friends have.

If this has been your trend, you might need to deal with the real problem.

  • You have a lot of regret after shopping

When you’re so used to shopping with your emotions, you sort of become temporarily numb. At first, you will be so sure that you want something but as soon as you get home, you realize that you didn’t need it deep down.

One way you can tell is if you have a closet full of stuff you rarely wear. That is why it’s so important to pause and think before you buy anything.

  • You find it hard to stick to a shopping list

If you keep trying and failing when it comes to shopping lists and budgets, that’s also a big indicator. It shows that you’ve had a habit of emotional spending for so long that it can’t allow you to simply stick to a list.

Emotional spending can take a deep stab at your finances. It’s a serious problem and if you really want to break free, be more intentional with what you’re buying without involving your emotions.


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